LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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1 Hour (50 Mins)

Teaching Linux and Linux System Administration as Distance Education Classes

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We are teaching more and more classes as online or distance education classes where the instructor and students communicate via a web site and may never meet in person.  This makes classes available to a wider audience than before and enables instructors to live most anywhere; but it also makes it more difficult to build class camaraderie and leaves many students feeling isolated and alone.  Moreover, many of the Virtual Classroom  Learning Systems in common use are designed primarily for MS Windows and standard office automation systems like MS Office and require some creativity to get the

What Makes Android Tick

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In late February, there were 300 million Android phones world wide and 850K new ones added each day -- just 3+ years since launch.  If this number holds, there will be over a half billion Android phones on the planet by the end of the year.  This makes Android the largest Linux "distro", by far.  Yet Android is quite a different beast from traditional Linux.  This talk will cover key differences between them as well as Android internals.

Meet Fedora: The Not-So-Miraculous story of a successful community, and where the Fedora Project is today.

Fedora is one of the most recognizable names in Linux distributions. Come to this session and learn about:

  • A brief history of Fedora
  • Features from our up-and-coming release of Fedora 17, better known as "Beefy Miracle"
  • Bonus details about extra-cool ongoings in Fedora, including cloud-related projects, and what we're doing with ARM and Raspberry Pi
  • A super fun walk-through of our release cycle and how the magic happens
  • How and why *you*, yes you, should contribute to the Fedora Project

BSD Virtualization

Ever since the University of California, Berkeley Computer Science Research Group implemented the chroot(8) command and system call in its "Berkeley Software Distribution" operating system in 1982, the community-developed BSD Unix derivatives have set the standard for the introduction of plurality to the conventionally-singular Unix userland. Today's system operators and developers have an array of BSD-licensed multiplicity strategies at their disposal that offer various degrees of both isolation and virtualization when introducing plurality to their systems.

FreeNAS: Open Source Storage Solution

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This presentation will feature a demonstration on installing FreeNAS using the CLI installer, a brief primer on nanobsd with django and sqlite, configuring various services, and navigating the FreeNAS web interface. I will discuss the benefits of using ZFS & FreeNAS 8, such as Thin Provisioning, Periodic Snapshots, and ZFS Datasets. I will demonstrate the ease of configuring a virtual LAN interface, link aggregation, as well as setting up static routes in the Network section of FreeNAS.

Alan Turing: The First 100 years, by author George Dyson

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A talk by author and science historian George Dyson entitled "Alan Turing, the First 100 yrs". "The history of digital computing can be divided into an Old Testament whose prophets, led by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, supplied the logic, and a New Testament whose prophets, led by John von Neumann, built the machines. Alan Turing, born on June 23, 1912, arrived in between. Turing's one-dimensional model of universal computation led directly to von Neumann's two-dimensional implementation, and the world has never been the same since."

Panel Forum ‒ ACLU and EFF

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A panel discussion co-hosted by Brian Alseth of the American Civil Liberties Union and Seth David Schoen from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Brian Alseth is the Technology and Freedom Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington. Seth David Schoen is Senior Staff Technologist of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Brian and Seth will give updates on their organizations’ work protecting freedom on-line. They will then join in a panel discussion answering your questions about civil liberties and technology, online freedom issues and current events.

The LFNW World Famous Raffle

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Starting at 4:30pm on Saturday

The "LFNW World Famous RaffleTM" is an annual Saturday fundraising event held in the Exhibit Hall. It's a great way to have fun, win valuable prizes, and contribute to LinuxFest Northwest. The prizes are donated by exhibitors, presenters, local businesses, publishers, and LUGs. Proceeds help to keep LFNW admission free.


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