LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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1 Hour (50 Mins)

Security Worst Practices

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Hardly a week goes by that I don’t get an email about some “security best practice” or the other.  Some examples are “Best Practices For Detecting Insider Threats”, “Best Practices for DDoS Mitigation”,  and “Best Practices for Security in Linux/Unix”. The same old best practices keep circulating around but we don’t seem to be learning from them. If you don’t believe this to be true, why do we still see SQL injection attacks being used and succeeding?

Penetration Testing at the Speed of Metasploit

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Your boss corners you at the coffee pot and says, "Did you see the news? Our competition got hacked into and company secrets were stolen. I want you to test our networks and report back to me on how safe they are." Because of the pressure of regulatory compliance and increasing activity by cyber-criminals, many organizations are turning to penetration testing. 

Penetration testing goes beyond a vulnerability assessment by exploiting vulnerabilities to learn how an a bad actor may get access to key systems and confidential files.

Multitouch linux- Utouch and Ginn

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Get multiouch working on your touch-enabled screen. Be able to edit the configuration files that enable your computer to break out of the cripplingly limited interface of mouse and screen.

The hardware we'll be working with is the Acer Iconia W500 (should also apply to Dell Duo, as it has the same capacitative screen manufacturer). We'll be talking mostly about using Ubuntu with a Gnome-shell (plus some other cool utilities / programs) for this application, though I would be interested to hear from KDE users who have input.

Linux Performance Analysis

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In this session I will give a tour of the more usfull tools Linux users and administrators have available to them for monitoring Linux systems. We will look at SAR, ksar, top, nmon, tcpdump, netstat, iostat among others.  This will lead into a discussion of the most common causes of performance problems, how to identify them and possible fixes. 

About the presenter:

Linux Logical Volume Manager Advanced Topics

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Logical Volume Managers provide administrators and users with the ability to use their storage in a more flexible fashion then are possible when file systems are placed directly into disk partitions. Logical Volume Managers can also be used to provide redundancy for important data.

This presentation will cover the Linux Logical Volume Managers more advanced uses and features. I will show how you can use LVM2 for data migration, data protection, spanning storage devices and considerations when using LVM2 with Linux native multipahting.

About the presentation:

Automate Your Infrastructure With Chef

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Businesses today are looking to reduce the cost of maintaining large number of servers while also increasing reliability and consistency by using configuration management tools.  

Configuration management tools bring consistent, repeatable, dependable and rapid software deployment to your infrastructure while also performing preventive maintenance and repairing systems in real time.

Attend this session to learn how to install the open source Chef configuration management tool into your environment to deploy applications faster and more consistently than ever before.


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