LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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1 Hour (50 Mins)

Enterprise Systems Management with Spacewalk

The Fedora Project's Spacewalk is a powerful, flexible systems management solution for deploying, managing, monitoring, and redeploying Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and related distribution-based servers. Spacewalk allows users to decrease administrative costs and increase time available for strategic tasks by performing single operations through the Web user interface. These single operations can affect some or all of the customer’s servers.

Security Enhanced Linux for Mere Mortals

While Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is an incredibly powerful tool for securing Linux servers, it has historically had a reputation for being difficult to configure. As a result many system administrators simply turn it off. Fortunately, the incredible amount of work done by the SELinux community in recent years has made SELinux much more system administrator-friendly.

ownCloud - Your Cloud, Your Data, Your Way!

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It can be a challenge to manage your data across all of your devices and many of today's traditional solutions require you to give up your privacy to a company. In these situations you don't have direct control over your data and it is hosted in a server far away. The goal of ownCloud is to enable users to have their own private cloud hosted on their personal hardware.

Get Cloudy!

It's 2012 and your data is accessible from everywhere. The downside of that is that you don't know where it is, nor control it. The ownCloud project aims to change that and has developed an easy to deploy and use filesharing system which offers all the features you need from your personal cloud. This talk will explain how to deploy and use it.

What's new in MariaDB 5.5 and what's coming in MariaDB 5.6

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MariaDB has been making successful parallel-to-MySQL-releases since MariaDB 5.1. The feature list is just bursting, and this is what’s helping more & more folk migrate their MySQL instances to MariaDB.

MariaDB 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 are based on MySQL 5.1. MariaDB 5.5 includes all changes up to MariaDB 5.3 and is based on MySQL 5.5. Since 2010, MariaDB releases have been packed full with new features. This talk will just focus on what’s great about MariaDB 5.5, some of which include:

High Availability for MySQL

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Achieving High Availability with MySQL is a tricky thing; there are almost as many recipes as there are cooks out there. This talk will go through the most common solutions for achieving HA with MySQL and list the pros and cons for each of them. The solutions include replication, MHA, Continuent Tungsten, DRBD, shared-disk, MySQL Cluster and more.

Man in the Middle - DIY Security and Privacy

Learn to eavesdrop on your own devices for fun and profit! For most of us our lives continue to be inundated with an increasing number of devices. These devices include laptops, smart phones, tablets, game consoles, network attached storage devices, streaming media boxes, smart televisions and more. It has become difficult to buy a a gadget that does not connect to the Internet. What are these devices communicating about us and our lives?

Introduction to the i3 Window Manager

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Presenting the i3 Window Manager. i3 is a tiling window manager aimed at power users. Its functionality is similar to wmii, with an emphasis on better code and documentation. From, its catchphrase is:    

Do What I Mean. Good Docs. Clean Code. Sounds good?  

In addition to presenting what the i3 developers want to showcase, I will demo the Window Manager, how I've set it up, what features I like,  and how I use it for my work flow.


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