LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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1 Hour (50 Mins)

Amazon and the Future of the Open Cloud

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Amazon Web Services is the dominant public cloud provider in the industry.  And for good reason: they make it dead simple to get up and running in the cloud.  Lock-in risks in the public cloud world, though, are enormous: what alternatives will users have if, for whatever reason, they decide that Amazon services are no longer for them?  How do we leverage the freedom of choice provided by open source in a cloud world that is increasingly dominated by a single entity?

An Intro to CrunchBang

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This presentation is about CrunchBang Linux, one of the best distros you may have never heard of. CrunchBang is a Debian GNU/Linux based distribution featuring the lightweight Openbox window manager, and it is built using the Debian Live Project. It is designed to offer a modern, full-featured Linux system without sacrificing performance.

Messaging for Free Software Groups and Projects

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This talk is for people who are interested in refining their message and more effectively sharing their excitement about the free software movement. It's easy to talk with people who already "get" you, but how do you open the conversation about free software with someone who's never heard of it? What kind of "message" are you already sending about your group or project and how can you improve it? 

We are Legion: Decentralizing the Web

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"Software as a service" platforms enable us to carry around small devices and access huge volumes of information. At the same time, it presents challenges for collective privacy, a full diversity of viewpoints and customized online identities. Large service providers are less responsive to users until a significant percentage of their users are all clamoring for the same type of change. What are the options for customizing your web interactions without mobilizing an entire user community?

XenClient: Client-side virtualization, and how to take Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offline

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This talk will present the XenClient client-side hypervisor and Synchronizer image management tool. XenClient (XC) is a high-performance bare-metal hypervisor that runs directly on client device hardware, dividing up the resources of a machine and enabling multiple operating systems to run side by side in complete isolation.

Ask Your Users: Redesigning the Western website for Drupal with user feedback

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Western Washington University completely redesigned their outward-facing home page site and implemented it in Drupal in ten months of 2011. To inform and guide this design we used a variety of methods to collect information from our user base, each method appropriate the stage of design and the type of information we were seeking. This talk walks through the process we used from Requirements Gathering through to Site-Building with examples of the kinds of user feedback we gathered each step of the way. 

This talk addresses:

A'salt'ing Your Computers

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Have you tried getting puppet running and gave up because the learning curve was steep? Have you always thought about configuration management and said to yourself "man that is a good idea". Have you ever needed to run a command on a bunch of servers? If you answered yes to any of those questions Salt is for you!



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