LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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1 Hour (50 Mins)

rshall: A Tool for Managing Hosts in Parallel

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Once you're managing more than a handful of UNIX/Linux boxes, a tool that lets you run commands on multiple hosts becomes pretty handy. When you're responsible for dozens or more, such a tool is an indispensable productivity enhancer. rshall makes it easy to run commands on many UNIX or Linux hosts on a network. The commands run in parallel, so output returns quickly and changes are nearly simultaneous. It's great for ad hoc information gathering, and for making changes in the absence of a centralized configuration management system.

jQuery Tips and Tricks

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If you use jQuery for web development you may encounter some bumps along the way. Save hours searching Internet forums and speed up development time with some basic tips and tricks for:

  • dependent lookups;
  • custom select dropdown options;
  • autocomplete text fields;
  • set value of hidden fields;
  • how to speed up web page loading.


For each of the bullet points, I will go through the basic well-documented approach, show why it does not work, then show the solution. Attendees will see the code and the webpage.

Custom Live Linux

This presentation was intended for people who want to share Linux with novice comptuer users on a LiveUSB drive which includes additional software and drivers.   I went over my project of polishing a Kubuntu(11.10) Live USB thumb drive system, for distribution to my family and friends. 

Microcomputer Firmware Development using Linux

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This talk will be of primary interest to people who want to program small microcomputers for hobby or work projects. I will be using a low cost ARM development board as the "target" to demonstrate the development process.

The list of topics include:

  • Cross Compiler Tools 
  • Communicating with the Processor Core
  • Writing a program to target memory
  • Using the GNU Debugger, gdb
  • Code starting at the Reset Vector
  • Independent Tasks and Scheduling
  • Debug first on the Linux Host
  • Project Organization


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