LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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Teaching Linux and Linux System Administration as Distance Education Classes

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We are teaching more and more classes as online or distance education classes where the instructor and students communicate via a web site and may never meet in person.  This makes classes available to a wider audience than before and enables instructors to live most anywhere; but it also makes it more difficult to build class camaraderie and leaves many students feeling isolated and alone.  Moreover, many of the Virtual Classroom  Learning Systems in common use are designed primarily for MS Windows and standard office automation systems like MS Office and require some creativity to get them to function well with Linux.

The presenter has taught Linux and Linux System Administration classes
at two year colleges in both the classroom and the distance learning
environments.  He will discuss:

  • What works
  • What doesn't work
  • Differences between the classroom and distance learning environments
  • What to expect in the future
  •     The good
  •     The bad
  •     The potential for the Open Source Community

Expect this presentation will be a combination of philosophical discussions with simple technical displays of things like:

  • Making simply classroom videos with Linux
  • Using a live virtual classroom which includes the sharing of an Linux display  with a class across the internet
  • Writing diagrams and mathematics on a "whiteboard" in a live virtual classroom


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